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Planning a pneumatic tube system in a hospital

Planning, Design and Analysis for Automated Material Transport

Designing the right material transport system for your hospital is critical to process improvements and that positive ROI you’re looking for. Our team of experienced material transport experts will work closely with your hospital planners and architects to analyze, plan and design a system that meets clinical needs, delivers quickly and safely and supports cost-efficient patient care.

We care about matching the system to your facility

Our team will work with your general contractors and planners, facility managers, designers and architects to develop a system that ultimately delivers on your promise of an outstanding patient experience. Building or upgrading a system that meets your facility’s unique needs can be approached from several different angles.

Our system design analysis (SDA) service sets us apart. In fact, we’ve found that typical system capacity improves 10-15% after an SDA, yielding payback in as little as a few months.

The SDA group will work with your planners, architects, and general contractors to determine the feasibility of installing a PTS, identifying department station locations and utilizing our vast database and knowledge to predict the optimum system design for your facility.

For existing systems, our consulting services team does a comprehensive workflow analysis to fine-tune your current material transport system, suggesting process improvements that optimize workflow and performance all along the way. 

For new hospitals or expansions, our decades of knowledge mean we can uniquely design systems from scratch, too.