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A technician operates a hospital pneumatic tube system station that has been modernized for peak system performance operation.

Pneumatic Tube System Modernization for Hospitals

System Modernization is an upgrade solution to maximize the investment in your TransLogic Pneumatic System by ensuring that all components are working optimally and reliably based on our most current technology. Day in and day out, your hospital’s pneumatic tube system transports critical materials between departments. Keeping this system running at peak performance is critical to your facility’s productivity.​

Keeping pace with growth – keeping pace with you

Keeping up with the evolution of technology means improved system performance, fewer calls from end users, lower operating costs and more time for you to focus on other areas of your facility.

  • Customizable - We’ll build you a customized roadmap that meets the needs, timeframe and budget of your facility.

  • Decrease Interruptions - By evaluating your system today, we can better support you in building a modernization plan that will work for your facility and protect you against service interruptions.

  • Fit your budget - We can build an individual plan for your facility that addresses the most critical needs first while adhering to your budget and respecting your timeline.