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Swisslog Healthcare Pharmacy Automation for Correctional Facilities

Pharmacy automation for correctional facilities

Increase medication preparation efficiency, ensure accuracy and minimize waste. Automated packaging and dispensing improves medication management for correctional facilities by providing down-to-the-dose accountability.

Benefit from improved workflows

Pharmacy staff at correctional facilities face numerous challenges when managing, preparing and administering medications. Our flexible automated solutions can meet your changing requirements and enable you to meet the unique challenges of a transient patient population.
By adopting in-facility medication packaging and dispensing, your correctional facility will benefit from improved workflows and a more secure, efficient and accurate medication management process.

We care about reducing medication waste and improving administration accuracy

Enabling automated packaging and dispensing within your correctional facility improves staff efficiency, reduces medication waste and saves time. Automating packaging and dispensing dramatically reduces the time needed to prepare medication, by packaging up to 60 does per minute, eliminates unlabeled doses to reduce errors, and ensures medication is stored securely.

In addition to enabling you to package and dispense medication on demand, our solution minimizes waste by allowing you to track a patient’s location, so only the required medication is dispensed.

Your automation solution for correctional facilities

From increasing accuracy in medication dispensing to reducing waste and enhancing efficiency, our automation solutions can improve pharmacy processes at your correctional facility. Our solutions work for you today – and evolve to meet your needs in the future.