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Swisslog Healthcare Alert Messaging provides electronic notification when a carrier is delivered to a TransLogic pneumatic tube system station

TransLogic® Alert Messaging and Remote Arrival Indication

Enhanced messaging option for TransLogic Pneumatic Tube Systems (PTS): Optimize user efficiency and uptime of your TransLogic PTS with alert messaging and remote arrival indication, a dynamic communication tool.

Alert the right users at the right time

The alert messaging and remote arrival indication feature monitors events like carrier arrivals, secure deliveries awaiting retrieval and full bin alerts, automatically notifying the right users. Alert Messaging also notifies your hospital operations team of maintenance events (alarms) for user-related situations, system interruptions, maintenance issues and equipment failures.
Users can receive alerts via email, voicemail, text or pager according to their individual settings.

When multiple teams or groups share a single station, the remote arrival indicator flashes a light or sounds a chime wherever you install the device, whether near the station or more remotely – to notify appropriate users. For even more efficiency, personal indications can be configured to alert only specific groups of users, up to six per station.

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