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Healthcare professional securely operates a TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System station

TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube System Stations

Stations are where you send, receive and interact with your hospital’s tube system. From carrier management and storage to security functions and the control panels, our Nexus™ Software powers a breadth of station options to match your different critical workflows.

Powered by Nexus™ Software Technology

Nexus Software is our core platform for future development and provides connectivity and integration for your tube system, giving you greater visibility over transactions for increased efficiency.

All of our station options feature a Nexus control panel with a touchscreen interface that aids in rapid adoption and boosts efficiency for a better staff and, ultimately, patient experience. Additionally, all stations are available with RFID carrier tracking and unique user identification features for delivery verification and security.

Nexus Station control panel
Nexus Station control panel

Our pharmacy has back-to-back orders to send to nursing. With a standard station, they have to wait for the tube system to accept carriers, wasting their time, or worse, causing them to walk away and come back later, delaying delivery to the unit, and delaying patient care. The Nexus™ Station solves this by allowing us to load up to five carriers to different locations. 

Director of pharmacy services at a central Florida health system

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