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A Swisslog Healthcare expert provides comprehensive training and support materials on a hospital’s pneumatic tube and medication management systems.

Training programs and support materials

Swisslog Healthcare training enables you to receive the most out of your investment. Our comprehensive training programs and support materials are designed to enhance your team’s operational know-how of your hospital’s pneumatic tube or medication management systems – ensuring long-term performance, quick issue resolution, and minimal downtime.

We care about empowering your team

Part of our commitment to customer support is making sure you’re empowered to help your system to run smoothly. When you make a knowledge investment, you increase the value of your investment and minimize potential costs associated with service and downtime.

To that end, we provide extensive training manuals and other support materials so you can educate your personnel anywhere, anytime.

Furthermore, you will receive valuable hands-on experience. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of your system, enabled to enjoy long-term performance, confidently resolve many issues on your own and support steady workflows by minimizing downtime when it happens.

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