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Our company

With decades of experience in hospital and health system automation, our diverse expertise extends across transport and healthcare. Today, we are a global industry leader for medication management solutions. Our unique combination of specialties unites forward-thinking pharmacy and material transport automation with software and analytics to increase accuracy, traceability and boost efficiency.

Our agile approach to developing pioneering automation technology is transforming the future of healthcare to support greater efficiency, create complete transparency and enhance the patient experienceWe are conscious of the sensitive environments our solutions navigate – and we place patient well-being at the forefront of everything we do.

We develop holistic, industry-specific systems and services for customers worldwide to shape the future of care with flexible, impactful and scalable solutions. Synergies with our parent company KUKA strengthen our ability to advance. 

Corporate Compliance

Responsible Corporate Governance includes sound business practices within a clearly de-fined framework of ethical core values, lawful conduct and internal policies. This self-perception is an elementary part of KUKA’s and Swisslog Healthcare’s corporate culture. By estab-lishing and maintaining a Compliance Programm and the further development into a Compliance Management System (“CMS”), we consequently fill this understanding with life. Please visit the KUKA website for further information on Corporate Compliance, the documentation of the CMS or to submit compliance concerns or complaints. The contact details of our Compliance Officers are also publically available so that employees as well as people outside the company can contact them.