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Translogic pneumatic tube system delivery options

TransLogic® Delivery Options

Fast or slow, always efficient and appropriate. Adjust the delivery speed and throughput of your TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System with our two solutions designed to meet a wider range of performance needs: Variable Speed Technology and Xpress™ Technology (multiple carriers simultaneously). Install both options for maximum efficiency throughout your system.

Variable Speed Technology

For fragile transport situations (including the sending of blood products), Variable Speed Technology offers an option to slow down carriers, sending sensitive items along at customizable speeds slower than normal.
When users select the “slow send” option from the station control panel, variable speed software works in tandem with the variable frequency drive hardware for more gentle handling of a particular carrier. Empty carrier returns are delivered at a higher speed than normal, optimizing system efficiency. Speed settings can be programmed as favorites to make the send process easier.

Xpress™ Technology

Achieve the ultimate efficiency in high-volume transport situations. Xpress Technology is a family of equipment designed to move more, faster.
Stations and systems equipped with Xpress Technology can send and receive carriers simultaneously with no wait time – increasing throughput and overall productivity.