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Swisslog Healthcare Automated Support Services

Automated hospital support services

By automating hospital support services like facilities management and environmental duties, you ensure maximum efficiency, lower operational costs and facilitate the best care in comfortable, clean surroundings. Our automated systems improve workflow, standardize delivery times and boost productivity. Enhanced cleanliness at your hospital also improves infection control measures to create a safe environment for patients and staff.

Ensure your hospital runs efficiently with automated material management and centralized storage

Automating material management helps your hospital run at peak efficiency, while simultaneously controlling costs.

By centralizing storage, stocking and preparation of surgical and emergency carts for the operating room, you optimize space and ensure surgeons have the right sterile supplies at the right timeOur automated logistics solutions prevent delays and allow case carts to be moved when required, including during off-peak hours.

In addition to maximizing efficiency, our automated linen and waste removal systems free up valuable time to enable healthcare specialists to focus on patient care.

Improve infection control to deliver better patient care with automated linen transport

Automating hospital laundry service is a sustainable step to improve cleanliness and increase infection control.

Automation standardizes when linen is delivered and allows you to track delivery volumes, times and increase productivity.

By ensuring sterile supplies are available where and when they are required, our automated solutions also enhance patient safety by preventing contamination and improving care outcomes.

Enhance efficiency and safety with automated waste management

Automating waste management ensures regular safe disposal of waste to help your hospital maintain a clean environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Robotic on-demand trash transport and waste handling systems reduce human contact and facility damage caused by manual cart movement.

In addition to significant safety benefits, automated trash transport also standardizes and accelerates workflows to create a cleaner, safer and more efficient environment for everyone.