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Nurse loads TransLogic pneumatic tube system carrier into a Swisslog Healthcare Nexus Station

TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube System

Every TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System (PTS) is custom designed to meet the unique transport needs of every healthcare facility. Delivering efficiencies through automated material transport, TransLogic PTS allows hospitals to reduce their operational costs and improve their quality of care by redeploying personnel to patient-facing activities.

Optimal for
Inpatient Pharmacy Nurse Ward Outpatient Pharmacy

Quick, secure and safe material transport

Distance is time. Send and receive materials quickly, securely, and safely. Save up to 200 hours of manual transport every day and free your personnel to focus on delivering patient care.

Installing or upgrading to a TransLogic® Pneumatic Tube System means best-practice levels of safety and security, reliability, and, of course, faster transaction times. Our pneumatic tube system delivers the best ROI among its competition, so you can give more attention to the things you really want to be known for.

We've installed our automated transport systems in more than 2,300 hospitals in North America and over 3,000 worldwide.

Advanced options

We offer a wide portfolio of healthcare pneumatic tube system accessoires - which means you can design a system that uniquely meets your facility's needs.